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Where are they now? – Lee Qi

January 4, 2013

Lee Qi (PC 35, Singapore) was part of the very first cohort of students in Marine Science at Pearson College.

P1020646 Lee Qi (third from the left) at Pedder Bay Marina in April 2010.

IMG_8110 And in the yellow jacket participating in a sea lion necropsy in September 2009.

After her two years at Pearson College, Lee Qi went on to study Marine Science at the University of Miami. She is currently a junior there and also the co-president of the University of Miami Scuba Club.

Dive trip1 Dive trip2

She has had several fascinating marine science experiences in the past two and a half years:

Little Salt Spring Lee Qi (in the middle) diving with a full face mask at Little Salt Spring as part of her Research Diving course.

WHALES-articleLarge In 2011 she volunteered to help rehabilitate stranded pilot whales. Lee Qi is second from the right in the photo above.

Panama She also travelled to Panama to do a course in Coastal Management. Students in the class were testing the suitability of various beaches for turtle nesting – here is Lee Qi, sporting Pearson College and Race Rocks gear, on one of those beaches.

Lee Qi’s extended essay (EE), completed while she was a student at Pearson, was recently published in the  journal ‘Nature in Singapore’ and can be found by clicking the link below:


Next semester Lee Qi is traveling to the Galapagos Islands as part of a marine science study abroad program. No doubt she’ll have many amazing adventures there and we hope she’ll keep us posted!

Goldstream salmon run 2012

November 6, 2012

Yesterday and today, first year marine scientists traveled to Goldstream Provincial Park to observe the spawning salmon.

It seems to be quite a good year for chum returns – lots of salmon! And lots of gulls feeding on dead salmon and on salmon eggs.

We also observed maggots amongst the gill filaments, under the operculum…

I had a significant realization while at Goldstream today… given that the average life span for chum salmon is four years, most of the salmon that are currently spawning at Goldstream would have come from the eggs and sperm spawned during the season when I took the very first cohort of Pearson College Marine Science students (Year 35) on this same field trip!

Full circle life cycle.