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More early succession – bryozoans, barnacles and fishes

November 8, 2012

On Monday 29 October, D block marine scientists went down to the Pearson College dock and checked on the substrates that they had suspended in the water on 10 September 2012. There have been lots of observable changes…

 September – clean

October – diatoms

October – bryozoans

September – clean

 October – bryozoans

 September – a rusty can

October – still a rusty can but now with a barnacle!


 October –                 sailfin sculpin inside jar!

 October – shrimp in mesh outside jar

 October – it may look like just a concrete block with diatoms but there was a spiny lumpsucker on it when it was pulled up – the photographer was too slow to capture the fish!

And we had a few accidents over the almost two month period:

The box shown above now looks like this:

And there was a tangle of two substrates:

Spiny lumpsuckers!!

February 17, 2012

Yesterday, Danie (PC 37) collected the substrates she hung off the Pearson College docks in November for her Marine Science independent research project.  The substrates included glass, plastic, metal, fabric and wood. On two of the substrate types, she found a total of five spiny lumpsuckers!

For more information on the Pacific spiny lumpsucker (Eumicrotremus orbis), see