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What a day for mammals!

September 30, 2015

During a second year Marine Science class discussion of human impacts on the mudflats, a student shouted “there’s a bear!”Bears3 Bears

So much for the mudflats… all the students rushed down on to the dock to watch the TWO bears run towards the spiritual centre.

Later in the day, a first year class was welcomed ashore at Great Race Island by the usual suspects, California sea lions, Stellar sea lions and a Northern elephant seal.Pinnipeds

The two highlights of the trip to Race Rocks for me (and the students) though were the humpback whale that was feeding just west of reserve and the sea otter that was frolicking in the kelp on the east side of the island. I took a few terrible photos (worse than the bear photos above), but please see Anne’s photos on the Race Rocks blog (humpback fluke and sea otter).

Kate watching humpback

Marine-themed VW Westfalia

November 24, 2012

This is an unusual post, but quite relevant to Marine Science… really!

Last year, Helen (PC38, China) asked if she could paint our van.  Many students have asked to use the white VW Westfalia as a canvas, but only Helen followed through by doing the necessary research to do it successfully. She and two other Marine Science students, Laas (PC38, BC) and Elliot (PC39, Scotland) and Danielle (PC39, Alberta) took the project on as their Jack Matthews Day challenge on 28 September 2012.

Here is the final result and a few photos of the process: