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Thank you Rob Stewart

February 5, 2017

Some very sad news to report about one of the ocean’s strongest and most passionate advocates, Rob Stewart. He died last week while exploring the depths off the Florida Keys.

Pearson College Marine Science students did have the chance to meet and hear Rob Stewart speak when he came to Victoria five years ago, in February 2012. See photo below and link.

Group with RS

Article in Globe and Mail by Paul Watson.

Article in Outside on ‘What happened to Rob Stewart?’

His courage and dedication to conserving marine organisms and ecosystems will live on in his films and all of the people that he inspired. Thank you Rob!

Rob Stewart ‘Beyond Sharkwater’ presentation

February 10, 2012

On Thursday 2 February, a group of Marine Science students went to hear a presentation by Rob Stewart, the maker of ‘Sharkwater’ and the soon to be released film ‘Revolution’. He is an inspirational young man with a great passion for sharks, pygmy seahorses and ‘the birds, the bees and the trees’.