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Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2013

September 28, 2013


Nine hearty Pearson College students joined Andy Mackinnon (site coordinator in centre of photo above with olive rain jacket & hat) and several local Metchosinites at Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park Beach to participate in the 20th annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Andy and Colleen Long (CRD) gave us instructions…

Intro AM Intro AM CL

Then we all braved the rain to collect several buckets of garbage…

Christie Killaq Rebecca

Simon at work


All in all a great success, despite the rain!  Thanks to the stalwart students: Alice, Chloe, Hanne, Julia, Killaq, Rebecca, Riikka, Sophia and especially to Dakota for organizing the Pearson College group.

Chloe Sophia Sophia proudly displays the best garbage item she found.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2012

September 22, 2012

On Sunday 16 September  2012, four second year Marine Science students (Karam, Laas, Sammy & Vuochly) and Ishara (an honorary marine scientist) participated in a beach cleanup at Esquimalt Lagoon.  The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is coordinated by the Vancouver Aquarium and the Site Coordinator for this location was the Juan De Fuca Power & Sail Squadron.

Karam, Ishara & Vuochly even won a prize for collecting over 4000 cigarette butts.

Below is the summary prepared by the the coordinator from the Juan De Fuca Power & Sail Squadron (

See also: for more details about other shoreline cleanups.

Beach clean-up part 2

February 14, 2012

A second group of first year marine scientists braved the rain on Thursday 9 February and cleaned approximately 1 km of beach at Esquimalt Lagoon. While we didn’t take any photos of the drippy students, the data collected are summarized below as well as a photo of some of the garbage collected.

Type of garbage Number
Styrofoam bits 238
Plastic pieces 221
Straws / stirrers 20
Caps, lids 61
Coffee cups 9
Coffee cup lids 10
Plastic utensils 3
Lollipop sticks 6
Food wrappers 25
Plastic beverage bottles 2
Glass beverage bottles 5
Bags 13
Rope 7
Nets 2
Cigarettes / filters 8
Tobacco packs / wrappers 3
Lighters 21
Syringes 8
Tampons / applicators 2
Condoms 1
Clothing 1
Shoes 5
Shotgun shells 44
Toys 6
Bags of dog poo 5
Dog collar 1
Gum 1
Band-aid 1
Film canister 1
Tin / metal pieces 7
Fabric 2
Rubber bands 4
Cardboard 2
Pieces of paper 5
Toilet paper 2
Comb 2
Prawn tag (1998) 1
Crab tag (04) 1
Ear plug 2
Fishing tools 4
Tire 1
Glowing green bead 1

Beach clean-up part 1

February 9, 2012

On Tuesday 7 February, first year A block marine scientists went to Esquimalt Lagoon and did a beach clean-up.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but a bit windy.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves though, and we performed a valuable service.  The table below contains the list of items we removed from the beach.

Type of garbage


Styrofoam bits 435
Plastic pieces 348
Straws / stirrers 26
Caps, lids 65
Six-pack holders 2
Coffee cups 19
Coffee cup lids 28
Plastic utensils 13
Lollipop sticks 6
Food wrappers 30
Plastic beverage bottles 18
Glass beverage bottles 8
Bags 19
Balloons 4
Rope 21
Nets 1
Cigarettes / filters 10
Tobacco packs / wrappers 9
Lighters 12
Syringes 6
Tampons / applicators 14
Condoms 3
Clothing 5
Shoes 4
Shotgun shells 18
Toys 5
Shoe liners 2
Gas bottle 1
Pair of glasses 1
Bags of dog poop 9
Dog leash 1
Rubber tube 1
Bait can 1
Big iron stick 1
Beer cans 4
Fabric 2
Pen 1
Ketchup package 6
Pop can tab 1
Ribbon 1
Fireworks 1