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Oceanographic expeditions 2014

December 4, 2014


The three first year marine Science classes endeavoured to describe and explain the pattern of temperature and salinity in Pedder Bay on Monday 24 November (C block) and Tuesday 25 November (D and F blocks).

Wet wet wet

Many abiotic factors were measured…

TS measuring Sofiya

TS measuring

including, of course, temperature and salinity…

Air temp Dom

Air temp Alashua

…air temperature and relative humidity…


…Secchi depth…

Wind Ruli

…and wind speed.

Messenger prep

F block students also sampled at 30 m using a Niskin bottle and messenger.

Data record Sowmya Data record Mary

Data were recorded and subsequently analysed back on solid ground.

I suspect that the highlight for the two classes on Tuesday was not that the temperature and salinity were unchanging from the surface to depth at the more distant sites, but the humpback whale(s) that were sighted!!

Humpback back

Humpback flukeThanks to Alana and Ali for photos.


Oceanography in Pedder Bay

November 19, 2012

Both first year Marine Science classes set out to “describe and explain the spatial variation in temperature and salinity in Pedder Bay” last week. D block went out on Thursday 15 November while B block went on Friday 16 November.

They measured and recorded temperature and salinity, at six locations within Pedder Bay and at each location every meter from the surface to the sea floor.

Students also recorded abiotic factors at each station including wind speed & direction, air temperature and Secchi depth.

The data have not yet been analyzed, but will be soon! ┬áStay tuned…