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PC connections with ONC

January 11, 2017


Pearson College (PC) students have had the opportunity to connect with Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) in a few ways lately. During block week (12-15 December 2016), second year Marine Science students travelled to the headquarters of ONC at the University of Victoria. Thanks to Natasha, Jessica and Mercedes for all that you taught us. In the photo above, PC students are using aluminum foil to create boats in a competition to hold the most ‘fish’ (actually marbles, metal washers and foam bits) in water of different densities.

Yesterday, 10 January 2017, Dwight Owens from ONC (and father of PC 41 Tessa Owens!) came to PC to present ‘Hot, Sour and Breathless: Oceans under stress’ to first year marine scientists. It was a wonderful review and preview – thank you Dwight!

And one final connection with ONC that I must mention, Dave Riddell spent almost two hours with me on 23 November 2016 guiding me through Oceans 2.0 which allowed me to assign a data analysis task to first year students. Thank you Dave!!

We are very lucky to be so close to such an incredible organization staffed by wonderful educators and scientists and doing leading edge marine science.

Ocean acidification presentation by Dwight Owens (ONC)

November 27, 2014

On Friday 21 November, Dwight Owens (also known at Pearson College as ‘Tessa’s dad’) came from Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) to tell first year Marine Science students about the significant problem of ocean acidification.D Owens2

D Owens1

It was a wonderful presentation full of depressing facts and inspiring possibilities. Thanks very much Dwight!!

Ocean Science Symposium 2013

April 28, 2013

Miguel, Suizhi and I attended the 2nd annual Ocean Science Symposium at the University of Victoria on Friday & Saturday 26 and 27 April.


We had the chance to learn alongside and interact with students and educators from around southern Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands and to learn from undergraduate and graduate students from UVic. We also heard an inspiring plenary talk on Friday morning by Dr. Kate Moran, president & CEO of Ocean Networks Canada.

There were many hands on activities as part of workshops in six different disciplines of marine science (engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, geography and geology).

Suizhi flow tank

Miguel touch table

Miguel touch table2

A great experience overall and I have to say that I was very proud of Suizhi and Miguel – they added many valuable contributions and asked very perceptive questions.