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Plankton diversity in Pedder Bay

November 17, 2012

On Friday 16 November, Mariana (PC38, Mexico) collected plankton samples for her independent research project. She sampled at four locations within Pedder Bay and one location at Race Rocks.

The photo below is of the sample from Race Rocks – lots of copepods and chaetognaths!

Mariana is currently in the process of analyzing her samples – more details later…

Spiny lumpsuckers!!

February 17, 2012

Yesterday, Danie (PC 37) collected the substrates she hung off the Pearson College docks in November for her Marine Science independent research project.  The substrates included glass, plastic, metal, fabric and wood. On two of the substrate types, she found a total of five spiny lumpsuckers!

For more information on the Pacific spiny lumpsucker (Eumicrotremus orbis), see