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Wonderful Witty’s

April 21, 2016

Michael with data

Last week as their penultimate field trip, second year Marine Science students explored Witty’s Lagoon as an example of an estuary. We measured water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen at six locations along the estuary. The photo above shows Michael reading out the data that he and Michał collected (seen in the photo below) on Wednesday 13 April.


Noemi Kevin

Noëmi and Kevin collected similar data from the same location (‘Log lake’) on the previous day (Tuesday 12 April 2016).

In the photo below, Tamara & Laura collect data from the ‘ocean’ site.

Measuring ocean

Data for all three days shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.08.40 PM

Skunk cabbage

The site that we named ‘Skunk cabbage creek’ was very near this beautiful plant.

We also explored the salt marsh and some of its inhabitants – for several students the plants were cool the spiders were not!On the salt marsh

We also found some wonderful invertebrates, both in the estuary and on the sandy beach.

Kohtaro Mary

Goldstream estuary – April 2013

April 14, 2013

Estuary 1

On Wednesday 10 April (F block) and on Friday 12 April (A block), second year Marine Science students visited the Goldstream estuary.  Closed to the public since 1994, the estuary is an incredible place to explore.

Group w Tracy

Estuary 3

Estuary 2

There are many Canada geese in the estuary these days and they do a great job of mowing down the vegetation.

Goldstream river

Although we didn’t see any living salmon, the juveniles should have been in the Goldstream River (pictured above) and we saw lots of evidence of adult salmon:

Salmon jaws

Tracy & jaws

On both days we were accompanied by a naturalist from the Park – Tracy is holding the salmon jaws and vertebra in the photo above and Bree is pictured below.

Bree & jaws

F class

On Wednesday there was sunshine and blue sky – students were invited to take off their boots and walk barefoot through the mud.  Chris and Susanna accepted enthusiastically.

Chris & Bree Since Chris probably would have lost at least one boot in the mud any way it made good sense for him to remove his boots.

Chris & Eliott Eliott has lost his flip-flops since our trip to East Sooke Park, so he came in boots but decided to keep them on!

Chris & boots

Chris in boots Chris managed to leave the estuary with both boots!!

Susanna 2 Susanna also walked barefoot through the mud and sincerely enjoyed it!

Susanna's feet

Susanna washing And then she cleaned her feet in the river.

Jumping Karam We had to jump across a channel in the estuary – Karam does it with panache above.

Jumping Thea And Thea too!

Jumping Jon Jon, however, looks like he is going to fall backwards on his bum – he didn’t though!

Two last images to include from our trip to Goldstream – salmonberry blossoms:


And skunk cabbage: Skunk cabbage