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Found a peanut (worm)!

April 22, 2015

Stella (PC 41) found a peanut worm (Phascolosoma agassizii) this afternoon while marking limpets in the Director’s intertidal.

Phascolosoma agassizii

Its introvert is visible here as the long structure with brown transverse streaks. Also visible are dog whelk (Nucella ostrina) egg capsules above the peanut worm and several spirorbid tube worms on the surrounding rocks.  Very cool find Stella!

Director’s intertidal zone

March 19, 2013

It was a sunny but windy afternoon yesterday in the intertidal zone with D block.  We saw a few things of note…

Ehsan taking note

Ivan taking note

At least Ehsan & Ivan were taking note!


A dead California sea cucumber (Parastichopus californicus).  Very curious about the circumstances surrounding its arrival in the intertidal zone.

Green eggs

And we saw lots of eggs – several yellow whelk egg capsules and green fish eggs wedged into a crack in the rock.

Steph & hermits

We also collected some hairy hermit crabs for Tom’s extended essay work on shell selection in hermit crabs.