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Deep sea costumes 2015

February 20, 2015


Here are the latest deep sea organisms to visit Pearson College… this time on Wednesday 21 January and Thursday 22 January 2015.

This year the specimens included:

P1040166 Prince Axel’s wonderfish

P1040183 A tube-eye or thread-tail fish

P1040179 Crown jellyfish

P1040178Barreleye fish

P1040173 Chubby flashlight fish

P1040171 Deep sea glass squid

P1040168 Umbrella mouth gulper

P1040204 A stoplight loosejaw fish

P1040208 A dragonfish

P1040207 A gulper eel

P1040206 Venus’s flower basket sponge

P1040205and a basket star.

Deep Sea costumes 2013

January 20, 2013

Another motley crew of deep sea creatures assembled in the floating lab this week…

This year’s specimens included:

Anglerfish An anglerfishBarreleye Barreleye fish  Fanfin anglerfish Fanfin anglerfishFirefly squid  Firefly squidGiant grenadier Giant grenadierGiant isopod Giant isopodHatchetfish HatchetfishPram bug amphipod Pram bug amphipodPrince Axels Wonderfish Prince Axel’s WonderfishStoplight loosejaw Stoplight loosejaw fishTube eyeTube eye fish

And  others…

A Class

F Class

Deep sea costume party

January 18, 2012

The creatures that live in the deep sea are unusual, as are the students that study Marine Science at Pearson College. Today and on Monday second year marine scientists each dressed up as a fish or an invertebrate that lives in the deep sea. This is the result: