Plankton sampling in Pedder Bay


On 5 and 6 October 2020, first year Marine Science students (those who are currently on campus) set out to collect plankton. We went out in a boat called ‘Second Nature’ and dragged both plankton nets (50 and 500 micron mesh size) through the water.

Pulling in the plankton net…

We collected some amazing drifting organisms…

A phytoplankton bonanza – centric diatoms like liquid gold!
And lots of zooplankton too!

“Plankton soup, plankton soup
Aye! You really ought to try some
The ocean is alive with plankton soup”

2 Responses to “Plankton sampling in Pedder Bay”

  1. David Hawley Says:

    Hi Laura, where’s the sunshine?!

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