Mudflat Monday for Marine Science students


Heading into the mudflats

Today was one of the days that I look forward to every year – Mudflat Monday! Two of the three classes braved the challenging ecosystem that is the mudflats today (the third class went last Thursday, so actually they were the first class!).


Slogging through the mudflats

We found clams, worms and crabs…

We really got our gumboots and hands dirty today! This truly is science you can sink your boots into!


Juan Daniel’s boots


Lara’s interpretive dance?

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One Response to “Mudflat Monday for Marine Science students”

  1. Chloe GS Says:

    This post made my day! Mudflats are such a wonderful fieldtrip. Our group had found a dead seal, and we brought it back with the hopes of building a skeleton afterwards. Nevertheless, we had left it too long in the nets underwater, and the bones had also started being eaten by micro organisms!

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