Newly settled barnacles at East Sooke Park


I know it has been a long time since my last post, but Theo has inspired me to fire up the blog engine again! And the biggest thing that has happened lately that I need to report is something I have never seen before. While on block week field trips to East Sooke Park with first year marine scientists, we found so-newly settled barnacles that they still looked like cyprids!

We also found a few rare species and a few not-so-rare but really cool species!

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And here are the three classes:

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2 Responses to “Newly settled barnacles at East Sooke Park”

  1. Erickson Smith Says:

    ah! So exciting! That clingfish is awesome 🙂 and what a treat to see a leather star and a mossy chiton.

  2. Theo Chen Says:

    Laura, I’m overjoyed! This a great post of what was surely an incredible time 😉 😀 The blue fish eggs look awesome.

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