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IB exam 2018 and a plankton swarm

April 27, 2018


Second year Marine Science students wrote the second of two papers this morning to complete their IB exam. It has been a wonderful two years – thank you!

At the same time the students were writing their exam, there was a swarm of plankton around the Pearson College dock:



I think that the zooplankton were here to wish the students well!


Many Dungeness crab megalopae have been hanging out around the dock for the past few days (helping the students revise?!).

To the Year 43 Marine Science students: I wish you all the best as you drift on out of Pedder Bay and I hope that the winds and currents are favourable so that you can drift back again some time!

Newly settled barnacles at East Sooke Park

April 11, 2018

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but Theo has inspired me to fire up the blog engine again! And the biggest thing that has happened lately that I need to report is something I have never seen before. While on block week field trips to East Sooke Park with first year marine scientists, we found so-newly settled barnacles that they still looked like cyprids!

We also found a few rare species and a few not-so-rare but really cool species!

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And here are the three classes:

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