Early days of Marine Science 2016


We have almost made it through two weeks of Marine Science and students have already explored a great variety of ecosystems:

On their first day of class first year marine scientists watched barnacles feed, limpets crawl around and seaweed wave around in the water off the Pearson College dock.

Second year marine scientists have braved (and all survived!) the mudflats.  More details to follow on those two trips…

First years have been to Weir’s beach,

Albert Head Lagoon,


and the Director’s intertidal.


I have been immensely impressed with the level of enthusiasm shown by all of these students.

From the photos above, you can see a few of them really sinking their feet in to the various ecosystems!

2 Responses to “Early days of Marine Science 2016”

  1. David Says:

    A delight to see these posts coming alive with students back on campus.

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