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Pedder Bay sunrise – 23 November 2015

November 23, 2015



And now the calm…Pedder Bay sunrise 18 Nov 2015

November 18, 2015

PB sunrise

Blustery day in Pedder Bay

November 17, 2015


It is rare that we see whitecaps in Pedder Bay, but they were plentiful today.


Big gusts too! (see upper right of the photo above).  No wonder really why the power went out at about 11 am.  Fortunately it was restored around 8 pm.

Next tree to fall

Students in one of today’s Marine Science classes were certain that the leaning tree above was going to fall in to the water – it hasn’t happened yet, but it is still quite windy tonight, so stay tuned…

Temperature & Salinity 13 Nov 2015

November 13, 2015
Depth (m) Temp (oC) Salinity (ppt)
0 10.5 10.4
0.5 9.9 29.4
1.0 9.8 30.4
2.0 9.8 30.7
3.0 9.8 30.7
4.0 9.8 30.7
5.0 9.8 30.8

10:00 am         Pearson College dock

Secchi depth = 1.01 m      Air temp = 15.8oC

A busy Friday for divers at Fossil Point

November 9, 2015

There was a lot going on for divers at Fossil Point on Friday 6 November. Their challenge was to collect marine debris – I was expecting some fishing lures & line, a bit of plastic debris, maybe some rope, but Kevin & Ian brought up the bottom of a boat!!

Kevin & boat bottom

Courtney found some derelict fishing gear underwater and there was a white tarp floating at the surface which we collected as well.Underwater debris

Isaac and Benoit missed their opportunity to participate in the underwater pumpkin carving competition during CAS week, so they brought their pumpkin underwater with them and carved it at Fossil Point.

Isaac & Benoit

Alashua & Malou found some small pieces of garbage underwater and a mostly intact bird skeleton! It may be a Thayer’s gull?

Gull skeleton in bucket Gull skeleton

While I was waiting for divers to surface, I also collected some floating debris that was drifting past the boat along with a pteropod / sea butterfly.


It was a busy & wonderful afternoon!

Plankton light traps

November 5, 2015

Light traps2

At 5:45 pm on 2 November, 8 light traps designed to capture plankton were suspended off the Pearson College dock.

Light traps

Light trap

Marine Science students retrieved the traps the next day and examined the plankton that were captured.


We saw some very cool critters including many copepods with egg masses:


And a polychaete worm and a crab megalopa larva:

Polychaete & megalopaMegalopa