Crab trap recovery from Pedder Bay


Isaac swimming

As part of their CAS week project, divers Benoit, Isaac, Hiro and Sabrina attempted to recover some of the crab traps that have been abandoned in Pedder Bay. They did two dives on Tuesday, the first of which was successful only in that they “recovered” our anchor!

On the second dive, however, Benoit and Isaac did locate a crab trap then used a red lift bag to bring it to the surface.  In the photo above Isaac is swimming at the surface and Benoit just below the surface to bring the trap to the boat.

The photos below show the crab trap on the boat Hyaku and two proud divers!

Benoit & trap Isaac Benoit with trap

On the trap there were a few species of red algae and yellow encrusting sponge with a few decorator crabs crawling around.  Well done team!

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