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Egg error

May 7, 2015

Sea slug eggs on pilingOops, the sea slug that laid this egg mass / egg ribbon seems to have made a mistake by laying it too high on the piling. I took the photo above on 5 May and two days later (see photo below) the egg mass is quite dried out Рdeadly desiccation! Рbut somehow still managing to hang on.

Sea slug eggs

Grunt sculpin!

May 1, 2015

Grunt sculpin

Last Friday (24 April 2015), divers collected this little guy in a bottle and brought him back to the seawater table in the Floating lab of Pearson College. It is a grunt sculpin (Rhamphocottus richardsonii) which, in my mind, rivals the spiny lumpsucker for cuteness!

Grunt sculpin in bottle

initially the grunt sculpin spent most of its time in the brown bottle it came to us in (see above). But it is now more bold and venturing out of the bottle often and exploring the seawater table.

Grunt sculpin3

Grunt sculpin2