A very high tide


Michal2With all the rain, the low atmospheric pressure and the spring tides we are seeing evidence of very high high tides – a king tide. Michal was able to touch the top of the piling.

On that piling is a tide gauge that was set up by a four students for their Group 4 project. Although it is not ‘calibrated’, I suspect they did not see such a high during their sampling.

Tide guage


Check out the height of the water under the ramp to the lower floor of the floating building:


And the angle of the ramp to the upper floor:

RampFor comparison, I’ll post additional photos of extremely low tides when they occur.

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2 Responses to “A very high tide”

  1. Erickson Smith Says:

    amazing! Never seen the tide that high at Pearson.

  2. A low tide for comparison | Pearson College Marine Science Says:

    […] As promised, here are some photos of a low tide (0.6 m on Sunday 15 February 2015) for comparison to the very high tide on 10 December 2014. […]

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