Pedder Bay sunrise – 20 November 2014



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3 Responses to “Pedder Bay sunrise – 20 November 2014”

  1. Jordan PC 34 Says:

    Hello marine scientists, I am an alumn who got emotional seeing the announcements of Desiree McGraw as new president. May I borrow the picture above?

    • pearsoncollegemarinescience Says:

      Hello Jordan!
      You are more than welcome to borrow / share / use the sunrise photo (perhaps you could credit ‘Laura Verhegge’ or ‘Pearson College Marine Science’ if you publish it somewhere). Thanks for keeping track of what’s going on here on the shores of Pedder Bay and in the water nearby!
      Take care, Laura.

      • Jordan PC 34 Says:

        Thanks a lot, Laura. Jack Matthews was right: it is the place that will remain deep in our hearts. Hope you are doing well over there!!

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