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A meeting of the minds (at sea).

March 17, 2014

Pearson College activities which while not strictly marine science, often intersect and make marine science connections for students who may not be formally studying the subject. Here the divers and expedition kayakers meet by chance off Cape Calver, March 2014.



The Pearson diving program, unique in Canada gives young marine scientists the chance to dive right in.

East Sooke Park has great inter-tidal life.

March 16, 2014

During Block week both classes of first year Pearson College Marine Scientists had the opportunity to investigate the rocky inter-tidal life at East Sooke Park. They had an adventure and discovered some pretty amazing algae, surf-grasses, anemones, sponges, an array of limpets, mussels, periwinkles and barnacles and some really nice Goose-neck Barnacles and Vancouver Feather-Duster Worms. The last two made me feel like we were almost out on the west coast. What a beautiful place. Thanks to the Sc’ianew First Nation for the wonderful visit to their traditional lands.


Students carefully negotiate the slippery rocks in search of  these Aggregating Anemones.

There were no injuries in spite of the slick rocks.  I was the only one to slip and was saved by a student who is used to bounding around in the mountains of  Tajikistan.


Students from around the world explore the rocky inter-tidal. Staying upright and having fun.



Thanks to Bill who droves us there. Caroline for the photos and everyone for thriving in the cold & wet.

The second class to head out on this expedition was really ‘hamming” it up for the camera. They also made some great discoveries in the rocky inter-tidal.


P1020463 P1020464

Limpet grazing on red algal crusts was really evident while the corallines were well defended with CaCO3.