Oceanography in Pedder Bay 2013


On Monday 25 November, first year marine scientists set out to “describe and explain the spatial variation in temperature and salinity in Pedder Bay”.

Heading out

They measured and recorded temperature and salinity, at six locations within Pedder Bay and at each location, every meter from the surface to the sea floor (or to a maximum of 30 m).

Using TS meterCarrie TS meter


Martin, however, doesn’t seem to understand how the temperature-salinity probe works:

Martin singing



Students also measured a variety of abiotic factors including: wind speed,Alfredo wind meter



water depth, latitude and longititude,Riikka recording


air temperature, relative humidity and illumination.Anna Chloe StuartLabquest


After much discussion and some independent contemplation, Ha Zeena Yam CamilleMeybis


Chloe at the wheelthe conclusions include that surface water is warmer and slightly more salty at the mouth of Pedder Bay and there is no variation in water temperature or salinity from the surface to 30 m at the mouth of the bay.D on 2nd Nature

Thanks to Camille RW & Alfredo for photos!

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