Liquid Layering Lab


Liquid layers

Although it may be a bit tricky to see in all the tubes above, there should be four coloured layers of water – each layer with a different density.

Students were challenged to use coloured water of differing temperature and salinity to make the layers.

Hot liquids

Cold liquids


Liquid layers2


If you look closely, you should see a yellow layer between the red and green layers below.

Liquid layers3

Window layers


Thanks to Alfredo for the photos!

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2 Responses to “Liquid Layering Lab”

  1. vuochly Says:

    Nothing is more valuable then being a marine scientist and studying on the floating building with all the cool stuffs. Miss it soooo much

  2. Follow the Flow – Sikuliaq 2017: The Dynamic Arctic Says:

    […] Start by using a discrepant event, showing students a multi-layered density column as away to engage a high level of student interest. As students ask questions, steer them in the direction of layering in the oceans as an intriguing way to get students to think about the oceans as being more than one stratum. Then allow students the opportunity to make their own density salt water columns using this Pearson College guide. […]

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