Updates from year 38 marine scientists


Good news from Laas about the leader of the iron enrichment project off Haida Gwaii last year: Haida terminate ocean fertilization proponent Russ George

A very exciting website for an NGO, one of the very, very few, which attempts to conserve the coral reefs in the Red Sea from Mohamed.  http://www.hepca.org/

And a fun video from Jon dating back to our sea lion necropsy:


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One Response to “Updates from year 38 marine scientists”

  1. R Smith Says:

    Supposedly Russ George has been told that under UN law, his practices of large-scale dumping iron into the ocean is illegal. The sockeye salmon are largely on the decline, iron dumping may have contributed to the decline of the premium salmon. Iron dumping can contribute to poisonous algae blooms. Iron dumping could set off the pH, and can be destructive to coral, fish and other sea life. Iron dumping might deplete oxygen from the ocean and atmosphere. Russ George is suspected of investment schemes ranging from carbon credits, solar scams, Cold Fusion scams. His offices have been raided by authorities, and he has been fired. Don’t let corporate greed destroy the environment.

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