The megalopae are here!


While the students deserted us on 24 May, the Pearson College dock has thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands?) of visitors right now. The final larval stage of the Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) is called a megalopa and there a many, many megalopae swarming around the dock.


Megalopae1 Megalopae2

On the dock, there are also thousands of juvenile crabs scrambling around.  The megalopae molt and metamorphose into the benthic juvenile stage seen below.


Megalopa & Juvenile

Megalopae & Juveniles

There are also many megalopae and juveniles on the succession substrates that students put in the water in September 2012.

P1010745 P1010746

P1010707 And Ivan thought nothing was using his wire!


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2 Responses to “The megalopae are here!”

  1. Johan Eiby Seidenfaden Says:

    Hey, Laura! Hope you’re enjoying the now more peaceful campus.. We saw these “crab-plankton” you’re posting about on the last night – amazing! But what was even more interesting was the weird, somewhat disgusting, sea snake/fish slithering around the surface eating the tiny crabs.. It was about 10 – 15cm long and 3 wide I’d say.. There were a couple. What are they?

    Cheers and all the best, Johan yr 39

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