Race Rocks exploration – 11 April 2013


Both first year classes of Marine Science students visited Race Rocks on Thursday 11 April in order to measure abiotic factors in the rocky intertidal zone and to compile a species list.  B block students braved the elements in the morning and although I didn’t take any photos of them on the island, they were great explorers and we all survived despite the very windy weather…

Keira Emilio Mikelle Taran PCAmalia asleep

D block students were very fortunate in two ways – the sun was shining on them and they were accompanied by Garry Fletcher, Educational Director of Race Rocks.

Garry & DavisGarry & Marc Garry & followersGarry tidepool


Abiotic factors such as water temperature and salinity were recorded…TS meterNotetakersElliot & EmilySophia green pool

And a few species observed & recorded…

Elephant sealsElephant sealRocky intertidalP1010218

Then it was back to Pearson College again…

Students & towerSteph & Johan

Thanks to Laila for the D block photos!

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