Spawning feather duster worm


As the A block Marine Science second years were busily writing their practice IB exam this afternoon, a feather duster worm (Eudistylia vancouveri) was busily spawning in our seawater table.

Eudistylia vancouveri 1 Eudistylia vancouveri 2

The photos below were taken after I moved the tube worm from the plastic container it was in initially. When the worm withdrew it was like a volcano of sperm!  And then the worm slowly re-emerged…

Eudistylia vancouveri 3 Eudistylia vancouveri 4 Eudistylia vancouveri 5 Eudistylia vancouveri 6 Eudistylia vancouveri 7

We did have a look at the sperm under a microscope and saw that they were very active little swimmers!

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