Deep Sea costumes 2013


Another motley crew of deep sea creatures assembled in the floating lab this week…

This year’s specimens included:

Anglerfish An anglerfishBarreleye Barreleye fish  Fanfin anglerfish Fanfin anglerfishFirefly squid  Firefly squidGiant grenadier Giant grenadierGiant isopod Giant isopodHatchetfish HatchetfishPram bug amphipod Pram bug amphipodPrince Axels Wonderfish Prince Axel’s WonderfishStoplight loosejaw Stoplight loosejaw fishTube eyeTube eye fish

And  others…

A Class

F Class

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One Response to “Deep Sea costumes 2013”

  1. vuochly Says:

    This was one of the highlight we have done this year. Go marine science second year!!!

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