Marine-themed VW Westfalia


This is an unusual post, but quite relevant to Marine Science… really!

Last year, Helen (PC38, China) asked if she could paint our van.  Many students have asked to use the white VW Westfalia as a canvas, but only Helen followed through by doing the necessary research to do it successfully. She and two other Marine Science students, Laas (PC38, BC) and Elliot (PC39, Scotland) and Danielle (PC39, Alberta) took the project on as their Jack Matthews Day challenge on 28 September 2012.

Here is the final result and a few photos of the process:


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3 Responses to “Marine-themed VW Westfalia”

  1. Danielle de Jonge Says:

    Laura, I think you now officially have the coolest VW van in the world. Looks very, very good!

  2. Erickson Says:

    That’s incredible! Not only do you have a marine-science-themed van now, but it’s actually really, really well done! Teach them the bus song, and it will be a masterpiece 🙂

  3. Four trips to Race Rocks in three days | Pearson College Marine Science Says:

    […] We also had a reunion of two Year 38 students, Laas, the current Ecoguardian at Race Rocks, and Helen, who is back at Pearson College for a two week visit. Incidentally these were the two artists who painted my VW van!! […]

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