Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2012


On Sunday 16 September  2012, four second year Marine Science students (Karam, Laas, Sammy & Vuochly) and Ishara (an honorary marine scientist) participated in a beach cleanup at Esquimalt Lagoon.  The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is coordinated by the Vancouver Aquarium and the Site Coordinator for this location was the Juan De Fuca Power & Sail Squadron.

Karam, Ishara & Vuochly even won a prize for collecting over 4000 cigarette butts.

Below is the summary prepared by the the coordinator from the Juan De Fuca Power & Sail Squadron (

See also: for more details about other shoreline cleanups.

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  1. Christie Johnson Says:

    Great Post! I particularly like the cute boy in the fire engine t-shirt!

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