All marine science students survive the mudflats…barely!


On Tuesday morning at 6:15 am, A block marine scientists canoed from the dock across the bay to a lovely little spot – the mudflats!  All students survived that trip, although, as always, there was one who was almost lost.

Laas (above right, in the orange shirt and muddy hands!) almost lost her shoes in the mud and ended up walking barefoot.

Ben (above in polka dot boots) did very well to stay on the surface of the mud, despite being very tall.

Rikka & Angela learned that standing on a solid old dock prevents sinking into the mud.

This morning, Wednesday, at 6:15 am another group of intrepid marine scientists headed to that same location across the bay.

One student was almost lost to the mud (can you guess which one?) and one boot was left behind about 1 m deep in the mud.

We almost forgot to bring back a bucket full of organisms (clams, worms & crabs)…

But Sammy & Mariana volunteered to retrieve it…

In the process a second gumboot was almost lost (see Mariana’s left foot)…

But it all worked out in the end!

Great adventure all in all, even though a few in the mud did fall.  Students learned about the mudflats distinctive smell, and some would call it a living hell.

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